The intelligent exercise mat of the future. Better metrics. More tracking. Improved self.

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We were inspired by internet of things and the growth of activity, health tracking, and the quantified self movement. Specifically, we felt that wearable tech is not the solution to all health tracking, and that an intelligent combination of sensors and workout equipment could provide great benefits.

Our target users are physically active, health conscious individuals who not only want to exercise efficiently, but want to learn more about their exercise. They are busy, and want to have a system that can function autonomously, and allow them to push themselves through workout goals.

We are very proud of the polish that we were able to apply to our hack, both in the software and the hardware. Specifically, we are proud of the strong filtering that allows us to reliably track exercises. In the software, we are proud of the Apple HealthKit integration that allows us to leverage existing health systems. We are also proud of developing our own hardware from scratch without leveraging existing complete systems.

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