A virtual world to design, draft, and model objects for 3D printing

WINNER: 2nd Prize

3D printing has fundamentally changed the way we create things. We're now able to manufacture complex items cheaply and efficiently. But why are we limited to expensive and archaic enterprise software like AutoCAD to design these objects? And can we take the design process to new heights, making it more captivating and intuitive?

Introducing Fabric, an immersive virtual reality environment for web to create 3D models.

We use the Oculus Rift in tandem with Leap Motion to create a virtual workspace to manipulate and export 3D objects for printing. Using three.js running on node.js, we've created an easily accesible web environment that doesn't require any manual installations.

In the app, you use intuitive hand and arm gestures with the Leap Motion and Myo Band to translate, resize, and reshape objects. We've custom-built several motion gestures to give you control over the object.

After you're done creating your design, you can easily export your file to STL (common 3D printing format) and png formats, which are then saved in our database through Gun DB. You can view a gallery of all of your creations and share them with friends in a responsive web application.

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